Mir Saeid Musician

Saeid Mokhtassi is a singer and a song writer sweetly exposed to a spectrum of music by a large community of poets, composers, singers, international friends and acquaintances. In his own words, he has constantly been singing and dancing in the changing rhythm of his life. His birth place is Tabriz in Azerbaijan of Iran and from early teenage years was influenced by classic music of Azerbaijani performed by legends such as Bulbul (Murtuza Mammadov) & Rachid Behbudov. Bulbul was an opera tenor and folk music performer. Rachid Behbudov was an actor, a pop singer as well as a classical music performer. Saeid moved to the UK having obtained a prestigious scholarship to study and qualified as a chartered accountant. He still lives and works in the UK. As well as his busy professional life, Saeid is passionate about creative music and his first album was recorded during Covid time in association with Reza Ansari and Armin Shogian. His first album is In Persian and Azeri and is in the process of being released. Saeid has started working on his second album which is mainly in English performing translations and inspirations from Rumi’s (Maulana) rich poetry and insight.